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Kletec operates in the automation market for eggs for consumption and hatching eggs. Since 2009, Kletec has been developing technically innovative equipment for the poultry industry. We make and develop ourselves: Tray buffers, egg stackers, trolley loaders and palletisers for poultry farmers.         


  1. The ANT5 is a tray buffer for almost every desired tray denester.       
  2. The ANT10 is an egg tray stacker that can be installed in different ways.
  3. The ANT20 can place setter trays into trolleys and stack 30-egg trays.   
  4. The ANT30 is an egg palletiser.
  5. Various projects like the ANT12 Transfer stacker/unstacker, the ANT14 Box stacker/unstacker and the ANT24 Hatchery trolley loader/unloader.

ANT5: Refilling empty trays automatically

The perfect solution for the poultry farmer who has to spend time refilling empty trays every day.

Continuous monitoring of the denester is no longer necessary. Constant pressure on denester.

The ANT5 has an average buffer of 500 empty trays.

The capacity is more than 3000 empty trays per hour.

Can be used for different types of trays and virtually every packaging machine.

Easy to operate.

Current: 230Vac.

Sustainable and compact construction. Competitive price.

The ANT5 is already operating in combination with:

Moba FP55,70,100, new100, 150, Prinzen Speedpack 110,Sanovo FP100, FP200.

Click here to download an information leaflet about the ANT5.

ANT10: Stacking or unstacking trays in various directions and heights

The ANT10 is a tray stacker that can be installed in various (compact) ways. The height of the conveyor is between 550 and 850mm and there are 4 possibilities for the orientation of the input and output side. You can also choose the orientation of the tray (the side with 5 eggs or side with 6 eggs). The stacker has a display with counter function.

You can quickly switch between different types of trays. 

Maximum capacity: 30,000 eggs per hour.

ANT20: The compact all-rounder and the best egg processing

Placing setter trays into trolleys and stacking 30-egg trays with the same machine. A unique and flexible concept!

Moreover, the ANT20 is the most compact machine on the market with an easy way of checking the setter trays before placing them in the trolleys. (see video)

The machine is currently used in different locations in Belgium and Switzerland.

User-friendly operation with an interesting way of scanning (half full) trolleys.

The machine is already being used in various hatcheries.

ANT30: User-friendliness for years to come

The ANT30 is a palletiser for the poultry farmers who already have a tray stacker.

The ANT30 is a very attractive solution, especially for poultry farms with 10,000 to 300,000 chickens.

The machine is a complete, reliable and user-friendly solution for palletising piles of egg trays.

With the ANT30 you can significantly reduce the amount of physical work, which gives you more time to monitor the quality of your incoming eggs.

The ANT30 is characterised by its quiet and silent operation and the unobstructed floor area (often without fences). The machine requires virtually no maintenance and is unique because of the absence of compressed air.


We offer different options for the ANT30: Extension (more pallet places), automatic placing of pallets, two taking positions and automatic floor conveyors for pallets.

During the past years, the ANT30 has proven to be very reliable. Ask our clients about their experiences, they work with the machine every day! 


Saving space


The major advantage of the Kletec ANT30 is that this machine can be installed in a lot of different ways, varying from very compact to very extensive. In many cases the ANT30 can even be applied when a robotic arm is far too big.

Kletec produces the input and output conveyors itself en these conveyors are a customised product.

The ANT30 can be extended from 1 to no less than 30 pallet locations, with 10 different ages at 100 square metres. (see pictures) For further information about the possibilities or a demo of this unique concept, please contact us.


The ANT30 is frequently applied in the whole BeNeLux area, in France and in Germany.

At this moment, the machine is operating with Moba 55,70,100,150 and Prinzen Smartpack, Speedpack and Staalkat 192, 100. 

Contact us, without any commitment, for information or a demo.


Click here for the leaflet about the ANT30 Palletiser. 

Click here for the Youtubevideo ANT30.


  • ANT5 Chargeur

  • ANT10 Empileur

  • ANT20 Hatchery / Empileur

  • ANT30 Convoyeurs au sol

Kletec: efficient stacking

About Kletec

Kletec has a practical view on the processing of eggs and experience in the robotics and automation sector.

Kletec, which has its office in Wekerom (the Netherlands), has a modern development and production location with an enthusiastic team of professionals. Kletec has already contributed to several developments in the egg processing sector. We respond to the customer’s needs regarding automation. Kletec currently operates in 15 countries.

The main goal of Kletec is to support, as much as possible, the physical work of the laying poultry farmer with reliable and complete systems.


With this approach, Kletec markets very clever and competitive machines with a good relation between price and quality, reliability, user-friendliness, maintenance and safety.


Are you curious about what Kletec can do for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by using the contact form below. 

 The    Advantages of Kletec:

  1. Complete long-term solutions
  2. Proven and clever technology
  3. Different installation possibilities
  4. Specially developed for eggs
  5. Very good service in various countries 



Contact Kletec at tel: +31 318 462233


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